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TNHC Psychedelics T-Shirt 002

Welcome to the age of mental wellness! 
The New Health Club is a community to explore, discuss and exchange the potential of psychedelics in the 21st century.

Our first Unisex T-shirt says Psychedelics in Hebrew and represents an expression of our inclusive approach. (More languages to follow!) 
We believe psychedelics will have a big part to play in the world of health and productivity optimization backed up by the latest scientific research and supported by a fast-growing industry.
All our T-shirts are designed in Berlin & made in Portugal.
We cooperate with "starstyling", because we love their quality work and becasue it´s a good time for collaborations now. 

Material  100% cotton
machine washable
use soft soap only
no softener !

blue / white
EUR 49.00*

*incl. 19% VAT, excl.Shipping!
(will be deducted for outside eu purchases)

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